East Estate
Entry to Lotus Garden Estates
Lotus Garden Bench Estates
Lotus Garden Estates
Serenity Mausoleum
Serenity Mausoleum Entrance
Sanctuary Serenity Mausoleum
Court of Remembrance Columbarium within Serenity Mausoleum
Gateway Terrace Monument Garden
Custom Family Estate Monument
Monuments with Ledgers
Custom Family Estate Monument
Garden of Harmony
View from Sunset Lawn
Artist Rendition of Angel Falls Cremation Garden
Today after construction.  The most beautiful garden dedicated to those who choose cremation.
Court of Remembrance
Serenity Mosaic Niches
Wall of Memories
Lotus Wall Cremation Estate Boulders
Our newest lawn crypt garden.
Over 300 double depth lawn crypts being installed.  Lawn crypts are a perfect alternative to Mausoleum entombment.
Rolling Hills Memorial Park
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Grant Miller-John Cox Mortuary
  • 2850 Telegraph Avenue.
  • Oakland, CA 94609
  • Telephone: (510) 451-6434
  • FD #: 171
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Wilson & Kratzer Civic Center Chapel
  • 455 24th St
  • Richmond, CA 94804
  • Telephone: (510) 232-4383
  • FD #: 195
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